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" Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one. "

La Vita’s week at the immaculate estate of Borgo Pignano was the perfect escape. Not only did our guests experience the best of everything – La Vita in Equilibrio launched with a perfect harvest of tastes and experience of this Tuscan region.

The elegant hospitality and discrete luxury of this exceptional hotel provided an unparalleled ambiance and we were lulled into a sense of serenity with its idyllic setting amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany with the ancient town of Voterra as its dramatic backdrop.

As the earth was awakening to Spring – this Escape was about renewal. Each morning, we greeted the day with a guided meditation and a yoga class, designed to gently dissolve points of resistance and increase well-being.

Surrounded by orchards, meadows, rivers and waterfalls — the ethos here, is one of sustainability. From terra to tavola, the organic farm of Borgo Pignano is a central aspect to the property. Here they harvest their own honey, grain, fruits, vegetables, and herbs — which found their way onto our dining table each day!

At La Vita in Equilibrio we believe in the tremendous healing power of the earth, and finding personal alignment within the natural rhythms of each season. To welcome Spring, we spent a fun afternoon using collected wild flowers for crafting into own creamy and curative soaps.

On another day we explored the gorgeous grounds of the estate as we followed the ancient trails of this Etruscan land.

During our time together we discovered how the cycles of the moon can promote healing and transformation as well as readied ourselves for the full moon in Libra – which is about balance after all!

Of course a visit to Tuscany, wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the nearby town of Volterra. From a high, dark, rocky hill, Volterra dominates the green valleys of the rivers Era and Cecina that flow through a land full of art and natural beauty. The Etruscans founded this city more than 2800 years ago, making it Tuscany’s oldest inhabited city.

Every Saturday Volterra comes alive with local vendors who pour in from the countryside displaying the tremendous abundance of this land. You delighted in samping the virgin olive oil, wildflower honey, pepper jams, truffles, as well as saffron, fennel pollen along side of gleaming fruits and vegetables. With our appetites awoken we lunched at one of our favourite restaurants, where the enchanting views were as tantalizing as the flavors on our plates!

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Other activities we enjoyed on the estate included a date with their beekeeper to discover how honeybees communicate and what we can learn from the beauty of this synergy. As the poet Kahlil Gibran put it: “To the bee, a flower is the fountain of life, and to the flower, the bee is a messenger of love.”

Many consider Borgo Pignano to be food for the soul. This secret haven tucked into the Tuscan countryside, with its gorgeous grounds, lavish farmhouse rooms, and attentive staff were only the forebearers for it’s food and wine. No one was quite prepared for their senses to be so ignited! Each meal here was a banquet of taste and artistry. We were impressed at the chef’s inventiveness on nourishing us with 3 & 4-course vegetarian meals each day and enchanted by the selection of wines that accompanied each meal – all chosen by Borgo Pignano’s master sommelier.

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