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" In Italy one can simply be. " Pietros Maneos

When we revel in thoughts of the ‘Eternal City’, we imagine velvet nights and candy coloured vespas zipping down cobblestone streets. We see coins tossed in fountains and taste melting mint gelato under a glistening sun. We envision ourselves leaning over the balustrade of ancient bridges and peering into tiny osterias tucked into fragrant alleyways. Perhaps Rome is an eternity, and so we are drawn to the one place where we can abandon ourselves to the art of il dolce far niente – the sweet pursuit of doing nothing. It evokes in us a desire, a dream and a smile. “Take the whole day!” Joe Bradley said, to which Princess Anne, Hepburn’s character replied: “I could do all the things I’ve always wanted.” Well we say, take a few days! Next March prepare to be enamoured as La Vita in Equilibrio takes you on the ultimate all-inclusive Roman Holiday!

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Across the Tiber river in the neighborhood of Trastevere, we meet with vine covered palazzos and hidden vicolos transporting us to another time. Here, the storied past and lively present meet in a spirit that is distinctly Roman – uninhibited and bohemian. Originally, this ‘rive gauche’ quarter was home to artists and dreamers, making it the perfect backdrop for our Escape.

We will be staying at the luxurious Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel, a baroque jewel that sits on the lush Janiculum hill. Built in the 17th century by famed architect Francesco Borromini this treasured dwelling was once a convent commissioned by a noblewoman. History hides in every corner here – from Renaissance paintings to coffered ceilings, and antique wooden doors. Inviting us to take a break from the hurried life, is the stunning and secluded cloister, now a garden brimming with planted herbs and rose bushes. While the terracotta rooftop terrace provides us with unparallelled views as we connect to the intimate expression of body and spirit during our morning meditation and yoga classes.

Our weekend begins with a welcome glass of prosecco and an early evening stroll through the winding streets of Trastevere. We learn about the neighborhoods earliest inhabitants as we listen to tales of  ancient empire before exploring the oldest church in Rome, the beautiful Santa Maria di Trastevere. Nestled in a quiet corner in the main piazza and adorned by striking 12th century mosaics, it relays a peaceful welcome for the traveller. And because few things are more sacred in Rome than aperitivo hour!! – we enjoy a cocktail at a local hot spot before heading to dinner at michelin starred Glass Hostaria, where chef Cristina Bowerman will swoon your palate with her clever take on traditional Roman cuisine.

The next day, following our energising morning yoga we indulge in a delicious breakfast before visiting the Villa Farnesina, one of Rome’s most splendid Renaissance mansions. Here the famed nobleman Agostino Chigi welcomed the foremost personalities of the age – poets, princes and even the pope himself. Throughout the monumental rooms we find the melodious echo of antiquity, a world of images symbols and myths. Boasting the frescoes of great masters, the Villa is most famous for Raphael’s glorious and playful narrative depicting the fable of Cupid and Psyche.

A Saturday morning would not be complete without a trip to the bustling market at Campo de’ Fiori. A dazzling array of colorful blooms await, alongside fruit and vegetable stalls piled high like works of art. This medieval square is one of the city’s main piazzas and the ultimate place to meander and taste local delicacies. Nibble on fresh bread dipped in verdant olive oils, marvel at the local produce and listen to the animated display of vendors as they vie for your attention. Be sure to leave room for lunch, because the famous artichokes known as Carciofi alla Giuda in the Jewish quarter are a must, along with mouthwatering pasta specialties like Cacio e Pepe – which we prefer to translate as: heaven on a plate.

To truly taste the flavor of this city we must experience it at night. As the sun begins to drape over the ancient expressions of ruins and monuments, and as the stars join in chorus above we will be zipping through the streets on chauffeur-driven vespas! After all what better way to capture the liberating essence of the Roman Holiday. We have planned a tour exploring all the sights that captured Princess Anne’s heart the day she ran away from her rather dull royal life! Taking us back in time, we visit the Colosseum, make wishes at the Trevi fountain and climb the Spanish Steps. We ride up Capitoline Hill, take in the beguiling views of Rome from the Garden of Oranges and peek through the famous Aventine ‘keyhole’. We complete our tour on Janiculum Hill to take in the unforgettable twilight vista before heading out to a local trattoria owned by four girlfriends who know the meaning of: Girls just wanna have fun!

What would a weekend in Rome be without more palazzos and pasta? Following a visit to the private residence of the Pamphilj family, where we meet with Caravaggio’s, high baroque and the sumptuous rococo splendor of Palazzo Doria, we spend a leisurely afternoon learning the secrets of Roman pasta making. This cooking class with our local gourmand is an absolute treat, especially since we get to eat all of our hard work!! In the late afternoon, we take a walk into one of our favorite quartiere Monti, where at Fatamorgana we enjoy the gelato that legends are made of and delve into the dreamiest little market – Mercato Monti. Here we find an upstart collective of young designers, artisans and vintage dealers along with an exuberant atmosphere that pervades the entire neighbourhood.

Our Escape culminates over a tantalizing dinner at a celebrated local ristorante known for serving up Roman classics in an atmosphere that feels like home. A perfect way to share our last evening, as friends who came together for some dolce far niente Roman style. The next morning, we complete our time with a light yoga practice followed by breakfast before we transfer you back to your life with a restored mind and body, a deep sense of friendship, self-discovery and transformation.

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