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Isle of Ponza | Yoga + Photography

" Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others - unfold your own myth " Rumi

Have you ever wondered if there is a still a pocket of Italy as yet undiscovered by travellers? A pocket, moreover, that encloses dramatic mountain scenery and golden beaches? A protected place that has kept the coast pristine and the hills a reserve for rare plants and birds? And all an easy two hour train and boat ride from Rome? Well wonder no more —- next June, La Vita in Equilibrio takes us to a place where legends are made!

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Mythology meets nature on the mythical island of Ponza. Famed for its role in Homer’s Greek epic – The Odyssey, this jagged gem is where Ulysses and his men, returning from Troy, are lured by the enchanting sorceress Circe to her palace for a year-long stay of luxury and leisure. Circe continues to cast her intoxicating spell drawing us to her opulent shores for an indulgent week of yoga and personal discovery.

In the verdant heart of the Ponte Islands is the pretty pastel coloured waterfront town of Ponza. Up a winding road we find our picturesque Boutique Hotel – Chiaia di Luna – where we nestle in for our relaxing week. Here we breath in the fresh sea air and soak up the sunshine while gazing over the volcanic sister islands. Nestled in a mountainous embrace, few hotels can better this magical setting —- the meditative sound of the sea lapping up the rocks below.

The focus of this all-inclusive Escape is creative revival and reconnecting back to nature. As we delve into the ancient stories of our setting, gently wading through our own personal myths, we discover the potent metaphors that can reshape our lives. Expect a celestial awakening, as we create a constellation of wellbeing to welcome the new experiences and revelations that come forth.

A floral outpouring — a poetry of bougainvillea, hibiscus and oleander create the idyllic setting for our mornings. We greet each day surrounded by the beauty of our hotel’s terraces and begin with a guided meditation. An energising and intelligently sequenced yoga class follows. You’ll be taken on your own odyssey as we explore The Myths of the Asanas – the yoga poses. As you move through the practice, these philosophical stories will inspire a shift in your creative source and personal well-being. After your morning yoga a grounding and delicious breakfast awaits on the terrace; followed by a moment of repose to ready yourself for the day’s events.

As well as being a beautiful place to stretch the body, Ponza also offers a myth-rich environment to infuse the imagination. In 3 two-hour photography sessions with our creative and inspired photographer, Jeremy Turner; we will explore the landscape and light of this mythical island. The focus will be on the importance of the image and its composition as a means of communication a message. Time will also be made for learning how to make fine adjustments to your camera settings to create the effects you can’t get on auto setting. Toward the end of our time together we’ll review and discuss our favourite photos. The work you take home will provide both a vivid record of the escape and a lively stimulus to further pursue your adventure with photography along with your new found skills.

On one special day we take a guided gentle hike along the enchanting paths through this safeguarded parkland. We find sanctuary as we meander through the gorgeous tangle of holm oak and pine. Here we rest up and bring to life the myths and flavours of the region over a delicious Italian picnic.

Our sojourn with nature continues on the magical Isle of Palmarola, named for its miniature palm trees that cover its craggy land. The famous oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau describes this secret uninhabited isle as being one of the most heavenly places in the world. Rounding past grottoes and its cathedral tall rocky stacks we dive into its healing crystal clear waters, mineral rich with marine life. We soak up the sun lounging on its pink coral shores and sample the freshest fish and vegetables at it’s only restaurant. And enjoy an afternoon photographic session capturing the ever-changing light as the sun begins to lower.

This island region of Lazio is known for it’s exquisitely simple yet flavorful cuisine. On a curated culinary tour, you discover the region’s rare grape varietals, once sought after by the denizens of ancient Rome and feast on local gastronomic delights. Your palate will rejoice in the glory of seasonal fare. From dining al fresco in Ponza’s famed trattorie to taking lunch on the terraces of restaurants hidden in its many coves only reachable by boat. The delectable taste of each experience will leave you in awe.

Between all this discovery there is still time to relax and enjoy the beauty of our setting – either sunbathing on quiet private beaches or lounging on our hotel’s blossom shaded terraces.

Our Escape culminates watching the setting sun on our last evening together. As we sip on our aperitivi we reminisce on our shared experiences and invoke the spirit of the stars as they continue to story-tell their way into our hearts. The next morning, we have a light yoga practice followed by breakfast before we transfer you back to your life with a restored mind and body, a deep sense of rejuvenation, self-discovery and transformation.

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